Who we are

We have over 30 years China Experience assisting Western companies to do business in China. We begin by helping our clients with entity selection and business registration in the complex China market with constantly changing rules and regulations. Our team of Hong Kong/China CPA’s and Lawyers provide businesses looking to enter the China Market, the ability to tap the resources of local legal and accounting advice directly.

Our personalized team approach gets your new entity up and running faster. Our accounting/HR/admin services include monthly tax declarations, payroll, social benefits, budgets, expense reporting, banking, and interface with all of the local Chinese government departments involved in the daily running of an enterprise in China.

Our Mission

“To help international clients establish and maintain a smoothly operating legal business presence in China while building long term relationships."

We understand the Chinese economic environment, government processes and western culture and the challenges of living and operating in China. We employ professionals to provide quality and experienced services in the U.S. and China. As a U.S. owned company, our American clients have the convenience of working with an American with no time zone, cultural, or language barriers.